Starting Equipment for Imperial Army Characters

I'm being lazy about adding pikemen.
I need this in order to add calvary.
This is based on the other book by Vladimir Brnardic and Darko Pavlovic and is built for this. It is obviously a work in progress.
Integrating the weapon mastery rules from the Rules Cyclopedia is strongly recommended. Once pikemen are done I can think about developing mastery rules for firearms. Possibly Skilled allows for reloading at Fighter rates with increased mastery knocking off rounds per level of mastery.

01-50 Musketeer
51-60 Caliverman
61-90 NCO/Schützen/Jäger/Liebegarde
96-00 Buckler

Everyone gets d10 iron rations, a back pack, a sack, a pouch and the services of two camp followers (as linkboy) for one month.

Musketeer has matchlock musket, 12+d8" matchcord, 12 apostles, shotbag, priming powder horn, sword or dagger and a secrete (1 in 3 chance).

Caliverman has matchlock arquebus, 12+d8" matchcord, shotbag, powder horn, priming powder horn, rapier and dagger,  and lobster tail pot

Schützen has wheelock (1 in 3 chance for flintlock) musket, 12+d8" matchcord, shotbag, powder horn, priming powder horn, rapier and dagger

Jäger is as Schützen but with an arquebus rather than a musket.

Liebegard has a morion or lobster pot, pikeman's armor with tassets, a halberd or glaive, wheelock (1 in 2 chance of flintlock) musket or arquebus, and a sword.

Buckler has pikeman's armor, sword, shield, d3-1 wheelock pistols (with shotbag), and a morion.

NCO has choice of pike, halberd, partizan, (1 in 3 chance of either glaive or boar-spear [as ranseur]), choice of gorget or pikeman's armor, choice of wheelock or flintlock pistol, sword or rapier, and shotbag.


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